Pretty Is A Lie ( October Free Choice)

Pretty is a lie. The word itself can only bring about harm.

See, if you turn to a friend and call them pretty. What are you really saying? You’re saying that their body looks nice or their clothes look nice or their makeup looks nice. You aren’t calling them pretty. When you insult your friend by calling them pretty the person across the room will overhear you.

That person already having issues with their appearance will feel more flawed, depressed, hurt. Believing that her eyes, her hair, her lips, her body is the epitome of pretty. Knowing they she herself can’t ever fit this image of pretty we’ve falsely created, she’ll find herself alone. Possibly crying. Possibly cutting. Possibly dying.


Possibly dying?

How can we be so naive to let this definition of pretty drag us down to thinking about death?

Pretty shouldn’t define a great body image. It shouldn’t define who we are. Now, wait, I’m not saying we should abolish the word pretty. No. But, we should change its meaning. Change it to something bigger than outward appearance. Something everyone can change about themselves. Something worthy enough to be called pretty.

These words: beauty, beautiful, captivating.

They all have one thing in common. They are all seen, but not felt. Yet, all of them can be made to fit a positive definition. How? Add one word to it.

Inner beauty. Beautiful heart. Captivating aura.

Now, all these words cannot be given a negative light. They’ll be overheard and the person who overhears them can think personality instead of body. They’ll think about something they can change about themselves, rather than getting depressed about thinking about something they cannot.

So, stop calling your friends pretty, it only insults them, stop hurting others, subconsciously, stop putting so much emphasis on body image. Instead complement your friends with comments about how great their heart is. Help people who overhear you by showing them what a kind heart is.

Start sharing and creating more inner beauty. – picture

1 Thought.

  1. Shane,

    You perfectly captured the voice this type of writing demands, and that can be difficult to do!! Every word I read held relevance to the idea you were presenting, and also invoked the feelings it needed to! It made what you wanted to say very meaningful and powerful.

    The word “beauty” is being discussed all over the world everyday. It’s an idea that can either make you or break you, and I feel as though it is important we recognize someone’s heart instead. You can do so much more for the world with your heart, and I wish people could recognize that. I believe this piece is something everyone needs to hear, so thank you for writing it.

    There is only one smaaaaaaall thing I can point out, and it is the sentence, “So, stop calling your friends pretty, it only insults them, stop hurting others, subconsciously, stop putting so much emphasis on body image.”
    It interrupted the story a little bit, as the punctuation makes it confusing. Double check for small mistakes, because other than this I feel your piece was extraordinary.

    I look forward to more of your works!!


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