Ice Rain ( January Free Choice )

Rain crashes down on the pavement with murderous intent. Everyone rest safely inside their homes, no one is will to go outside and get hurt by it. I venture out into the middle of the street, the rain slams down against my body. It feels like every heavy drop of rain is as solid as an icicle. I have to force myself to stand in this aggressive rain. This is my punishment for losing the family heirloom.

It may have just been an old rusty locket, but that locket was worth more than the 50 cents that bastard sold it for. My great grandma survived the war with that locket. Her blood stain was still on it; it wasn’t cleaned after the war. My grandma took it and survived a car accident. The bloody car didn’t even try to stop it just ran her over and kept going. There’s a rock still embedded into it from then; no one dare remove it for we thought it gave us good luck. I thought it put my grandma in the hospital and that it took her legs away from her. My mom somehow survived a robbery. She was shot in the stomach and doctors said there was no chance she would make it. The locket changed its colour that day to rose red. Over time it hardened and became a nasty colour of black. But, still we believed it brought good luck.

Now I lost it the one thing that kept my family together was this locket and I trusted a girl who I thought I loved with it. What does she do with it? She sells the locket to some “thugs” and says they were looking at me like they were gonna hurt me. So, tell me how? How does someone who looks like they’ll hurt you give you money for something instead of just threatening you and getting it for free.

A blue car approaches me I can only hear it. It comes closer and I can now see its headlights through this intense rain. It’s too late to move. I’m stuck in the middle of the road with a car about to hit me. The car sends sprawling onto the sidewalk. The car window breaks and something flies into my stomach puncturing it. I can’t move I think I may have broken a rib or two, I know my legs are useless at this point, and my right arm is a goner.

I see my blood running away from my stomach into the middle of the road surrounding  a small object. I’m blind I think it looks like that damned locket. I know I’m dead at this point. The blood is dense and even this bizarre rain storm can’t get rid of it quick enough.

Reaching with the only limb that works, i go for the locket. I manage to grasp it with my remaining strength. I see the locket. I see its blood. I see the rock. The rain begins to chip away at it. The blood no longer remains on the locket and the rock quickly flies away. The locket is the shape of a heart. Could i live from this accident somehow? Could it bring me good luck? I close my eyes and smile. I’m going to be okay. I lose all the strength in my arm and in my body and let my body relax.

The heart stays in my hand as I’m pelted by this never ending rain.

I blackout.


E.B.F Expelling Best Friend ( January short story)

Would I have got expelled from elementary, because of this incident if I got caught? Probably. Was it worth it? For me, yes. For my friend, Jared, no. For me I got a story, a nice one as well, for him, well, he got expelled.

Flashback to when I was in grade 5, ten years of age and incredibly rowdy. It was a burning hot day when we did what we did. Most people hid in the shade of the school, while others played on either the open field or the playground. I was one of those people who played in the sun on the field. With my best friend, at the time, Jared, we threw the football back and forth. When the bell rang to call student into the school, Jared threw me the football towards me. I caught it and began to run towards him; doing a spin move to get passed him. As soon as I faced him, I saw that he pulled out a pellet gun out of his blue jeans. he shot a pellet at me; I’m so glad he had terrible aim.

We entered the school and finished our morning classes. After our classes, we met up outside with a bunch of juice boxes and cans. Making sure no one could see us shoot a pellet gun we ducked out into the alley near by. We set up the cans and juices boxes on the ground and on an a fence ledge. My accuracy was way better than Jared’s. He would knock down 7 out of 10 targets and I would hit 9 out of 10 targets. After going through a couple of rounds of practice, the bell rang to call everyone in for afternoon classes. We left our shooting grounds and headed back towards the school. On the way back I bragged about how I was so much better than Jared, even though I barely beat him in target practice. We entered the school and the hallways were empty.

Not a person in sight, except for the principal. Nobody liked her; we hated her. To us she was the meanest and most annoying person in the world. So, after hearing Jared deny that I was better than him, an idea popped up in my mind. I told him that if he could hit her from here, I would admit that he was way better than me at shooting. He took up my offer by nodding his head and simultaneously pulling out the pellet gun. Confidently he took aim and fired the gun. The pellet that flew from the gun landed with impact on the principal’s lower back. Immediately she turned around and screamed at us telling us to come towards where she was. Naturally two rowdy kids like us were used to trouble and knew what to do. Run as far as we could, as fast as we could. When we finally stopped in a safe place out of trouble, we made a promise not to rat each other out if one of us got caught. Luckily, I wasn’t very popular. So, when people snitched on us they didn’t know my name, but they knew Jared’s. They would probably say that it was Jared and some brown kid that did it. A lot of people told on us, because if they didn’t they were assumed to have done it. At the end Jared got called down to the office and got expelled. Thankfully, he kept his promise to me or else I would have got expelled as well.

He got expelled, while I got a story.




Weak… (December Free Choice)

My whole life I’ve felt like a garden.

I feel amazing at times thriving and growing off kindness shown to me. Those are my spring days, the days I feel alive.

In my winter days, I’m dead. I hide away into my seed and hope to make it another day. I pray that the people influencing my garden pour kind, warm water into it rather than shovel cold, painful ice. I can never see the people who enter my garden. These large stones act like a brick wall blocking me from knowing my future. They are the only barrier I have from the outside world. This brick wall meant to protect me only hinders my growth and destroys me.

I’m unable to spread my leaves and shine with the beauty of the sun when the only energy I get is that of other people. Don’t get me wrong I love when people rain love upon me. But, sadly that never happens anymore.

People throw trash at me. This trash always stays trapped in my confined space. It’s a negative comment, a hurtful self image shown from someone else’s eyes, or a physical bruise. Never does something good stay. I use up all the positivity to overgrow the trash, but after I use it all the trash begins to take over again. I have no say in what other people do to me. I cannot stop them from throwing trash and I cannot make them rain in love. I’ll have to take the love when given and grow or I’ll have to take the trash and shrink. These circumstantial constraints have caused other people and myself to become unable to get to see my true self.

I could’ve been a beautiful rose down by a flower shop, where my outside influences only have love to give me. I could have been a magnificent lavender flower that when smelt I express all the beauty of freedom. But, sadly I’m not. Unlike the rose bathed in love, I’m covered in eternal hate. Unlike the lavender who experiences the beauty of freedom, I’m restricted by these boundaries people have forced me to be confined in. People influencing my garden have set limits to my growth and no matter what I do I cannot destroy these boundaries. Each brick that lays in front of me, reveals another constraint placed on me. Whether it be a physical or emotional constraint, I cannot change it.

For me being a weak spineless flower going up against a brick wall of restrictions, its impossible for me to win. No matter how hard I try I wouldn’t be able to move even a single brick. I am weak whenever a brick appears. It started off with one unmovable brick and slowly it grew into a brick wall as more and more people began to influence my garden. At this point I cannot even see the true horizon something that is always there.

My horizon has become the height of this brick wall.

I am forever affected by the shackles placed on me and I cannot do anything about it.


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Dark Mind (November Free Choice)

Often, I find myself surrounded by darkness. Today’s one of those days. I think back to all the mistakes I’ve made, all the regrets I’ve created.

I’m useless, I know that. But in how many ways?

Its hard to survive in a world full of beauty and purpose. Its hard because all around me everyone knows what they want to do with their lives. Even those who are unsure of what their life purpose is, I’m one hundred percent sure they’ll figure it out eventually. On the other hand, I can’t even see myself passed 20.

They’re alive, happy, and enjoying life around me. I’m dead. I’m useless. A bother that is consumed by depression.

None of them wanted to die. Sure, they say things like, “I’m dead” or, “I feel like dying” but have they ever meant it. Unlike them, I’ve meant it before.Its almost been a year since I’ve tried to act on this meaning. Isn’t it funny how I tried to die on the day Jesus was born. Am I a devil? Did he figure out that I was and try to kill me? Everyone says hell is below us. Maybe that’s why I feel so much more connected to the earth than the sky.

I wonder how the lives of my loved ones would be affected if I left. I know it they wouldn’t be. Sure, they would cry for maybe a week. But after that, nothing would change. They would still wake up in the morning, go to work, eat, and sleep. Nothing would change if I leave this world.

Maybe living hell is better than the “life” I “live” now. Its probably so much more exciting. Maybe I would have a purpose there. I know I would have more of a purpose there than I do here.

Often, I’m surrounded by regret.

Often, I am covered in nothing but darkness.

Often, I want to die.

Never, can I bring myself to do it.
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Her Light- Oct. Poem

My heart fills with joy every time I see her,

I feel my heart rapidly beating

It’s as if it wants to be hers, and only hers,

My heart lives for her.

So, why does my mind not?

It constantly forced me to second guess my instincts

It makes me regret the things I didn’t do.

Why must I have a mind that lives in darkness?

Soon enough it lets this beautiful light

slip out of my hands.

My heart overpowers my mind for a moment

I ask her as she begins to walk away,

“Am I yours?”

she turns around looking me in the eyes

staring in silence no words are heard,

nor will they ever be.

she turns back around and leaves just as fast as she came,

the light my heart lived for was no longer present.

so, why?

Why do I still long for her?

My heart is again encased in darkness

It doesn’t beat for anyone anymore

So, why must it continue to beat so fast?

I feel it continuously bang itself against my lungs,

Whenever I talk to others, I like, it suffocates me

I’m unable to speak as it punches the air out of me.

I wonder how foolish my heart can be

How is it possible that it remembers her light?

Why hasn’t it gotten over her light?

Why does it only accept her light?

Some days I’ll follow my heart to see where it guides me,

I lay down and listen to its rhythm, its song,

I shut off my mind

Letting my heart take control of me completely,

Often, I find myself sprinting into the depths darkness.

With every step taken I find myself immersed in a darker shadow

Why do I run? I wonder.

Alone I run in a space full of darkness.

I begin to see a small, bright light in the distance

It was her who shone a light into the cave I call my heart.

Her eyes pieced through the pitch-black darkness

Her aura soon covered it with the warmth of the sun

I sprinted towards her,

But after what seemed like months

I never got closer.

Her eyes are embedded into my hearts mind

It was the last wonder it saw of her.

I stay engulfed in darkness

I stay chasing a dream

But no matter what,

I’ll never reach her.


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Pretty Is A Lie ( October Free Choice)

Pretty is a lie. The word itself can only bring about harm.

See, if you turn to a friend and call them pretty. What are you really saying? You’re saying that their body looks nice or their clothes look nice or their makeup looks nice. You aren’t calling them pretty. When you insult your friend by calling them pretty the person across the room will overhear you.

That person already having issues with their appearance will feel more flawed, depressed, hurt. Believing that her eyes, her hair, her lips, her body is the epitome of pretty. Knowing they she herself can’t ever fit this image of pretty we’ve falsely created, she’ll find herself alone. Possibly crying. Possibly cutting. Possibly dying.


Possibly dying?

How can we be so naive to let this definition of pretty drag us down to thinking about death?

Pretty shouldn’t define a great body image. It shouldn’t define who we are. Now, wait, I’m not saying we should abolish the word pretty. No. But, we should change its meaning. Change it to something bigger than outward appearance. Something everyone can change about themselves. Something worthy enough to be called pretty.

These words: beauty, beautiful, captivating.

They all have one thing in common. They are all seen, but not felt. Yet, all of them can be made to fit a positive definition. How? Add one word to it.

Inner beauty. Beautiful heart. Captivating aura.

Now, all these words cannot be given a negative light. They’ll be overheard and the person who overhears them can think personality instead of body. They’ll think about something they can change about themselves, rather than getting depressed about thinking about something they cannot.

So, stop calling your friends pretty, it only insults them, stop hurting others, subconsciously, stop putting so much emphasis on body image. Instead complement your friends with comments about how great their heart is. Help people who overhear you by showing them what a kind heart is.

Start sharing and creating more inner beauty. – picture

Column- Sunrise influencing people

The sunrise.

It’s rays illuminate the sky and changes the colour of the clouds. Turning into a either a wonderful pink colour or a flamboyant red, the clouds alone will lift your spirits. The smell of the air even changes. It will have no actual scent, but what it does create is the smell or sense of being alive. People smell the air when the sunrises, not because it smells good, it’s because they feel alive in the mornings when they smell the air.

The feeling generated by the sun rising is incomparable. It brings you joy, peace, or it will make you feel alive every time you see it. Seeing the sunrise every morning will never get old because no sunrise is the exact same, they may be similar but they are not the same. Each different sunrise will bring along a different sensation. One day it will be joy, another day it will be peace, the day after it’ll be relief, but what they all have in common is that they create the feeling of being alive.

The warmth radiating from its golden rays come in contact with your skin, and, somehow those rays of sunlight will enter your heart. Unlike the mid-day sun, where the sun is always there not doing anything, the morning-sun will enhance your positive aura. Your aura will become strengthened by positivity; it will reflect any negative energy that comes your way. Think about it, in the morning you’ve just woken up, you see the sunrise, what do you feel. You feel satisfied with life. You may not realize it, but your aura is being protected or engulfed with positivity.

Most people who watch the sun rise will always smile when looking at its stunning beauty. The people who don’t smile will be thinking of a time they were happier or a time of regret. They’ll be imagining a better time that they’ve experienced or they’ll picture something they regret not changing. However, after they stop thinking, the rays emitting from the sunrise will be allowed to enter their heart. By allowing this stream of positivity to enter their heart, they are able to become protected by the energy. Even if they try to think back to a regret they won’t be able to or at that moment they won’t care about it because the sun has created a barrier blocking out any negativity.

So, if you don’t believe me, next time you are watching the sunrise and you are feeling content, try to think of a regret you haven’t moved on from. Then you’ll be able to experience the true beauty of the sunrise. – picture

A Tear

The rapids of the river move with the intentions to cause harm. Anger flows through ever crystal clear drop of water. Waves continuously crashing into surrounding obstacles, wishing to obliterate it. With nothing able to calm down this unmanageable beauty of nature, it continues to create further disruption towards the other beauties around it. Its anger savagely ripping apart bull-sized boulders, cleanly cutting apart the roots of nearby trees, and eroding the soil on either side with ease.

The river howls and cries, but its unknown whether, it howls with frustration, or whether it cries in despair. To any ear the emotion of despair and frustration sound the same. Flowing emotion, thought to only cause harm, looked at further, could seem as if it’s searching for help.

Slowly, clouds begin to concentrate over the moving body of water. Dark clouds move above the river with an objective to rain. The clouds cry, they cry relentlessly. They cry with great emotion. They cry with sympathy towards the river. They cry in order to help a fellow friend.

Its tears create a rippling upon the water it lands on. The strong downpour drowns all sound of the rivers howls and cries. Suppressing the woes and pain of the river, the rain creates a surface-cool on the, once, rampant river. It feels the tears connect with its soul; its core. Calming down to show its worried friend, that they’ve helped. Although a peaceful appearance is given, the river still moves with great pace. Unknown to the river itself; unknown to its nature-friend, the clouds, why.

Why does the river still move with such intensity? Is it because it’s trilled to know that someone cares? Maybe. Or is it because the tears caused only a surface-peace and the anger or despair remains underneath the calm and collected surface? Either way, the chilled appearance has stopped its unpredictable rampage.

The rain.

It has such a powerful impact on the soul. The said “tears of God” possess the strength to suppress the strongest pains. These tears are able to connect with the heart of a soul. They are godly enough to help a desperate, confused friend.

Would we need these “tears of God” to help us relax.


But it wouldn’t be able to connect with our hearts. Never will it be able to; for we aren’t close to being a force of nature. We’re on a lower status compared to the rain. There’s no way we can help the tears created by clouds with their problems.

Yet, we can use our tears, our emotions, our hearts, to help those we can relate to. For if one of our tears, filled with true emotions, were to land upon someone we sympathized with, the impact would be extraordinary. They would forget about their own pain and ask why you are crying. They ask because your concern has traveled into their hearts. Your concern suppresses their pain to the point they will start to concern themselves with what’s bothering you. The feelings of sympathy given off of a single tear will be enough to touch someone’s heart.

Now the true question is: would you use your tears to help show others in deep pain, that their pain matters, that you care for them, that, your tears, will be enough to connect with, their, hearts.


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